Stijn van der Pol
An der Elisabethkirche 6
53113 Bonn, Germany
t: +49 160 95084897

I had a dream, I really had
and not ’cause Martin Luther said
“I have a dream”. Oh no, I had
a quite romantic one instead.

There was a feast with golden trees
for those who came and wanted these,
and little birds up in the air
for them who’d really liked them there.

The bumblebees were present too
and brought a lovely honey stew
and packed with feed before I knew
there my honey, there were you.

All men within the nearest reach
of forrest, desert, hills and beach
and only love was there to give
and get, cause there was none to teach.

The ones who prayed that god was there
found Jesus on a wooden chair
embodied as the truth they shared
in linen cloth, long curly hair

or Allah for that matter.

And those with faith within themselves
would find a mirror on a shelf
with written there upon its glass:
You do exist, now join the mass.

I didn’t meet a single soul
from coast to coast, from pole to pole
who after meeting with his wish
he didn’t feel completely whole.

I had this dream, i really had
but lifting myself from my bed
I have a dream now I once had;
a dream forever in my head

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