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Call for artists! Coming soon: ~ Wall Art & Design, made and curated by friends.

Hi there, artists! Saf~ is currently developing a new platform, for you to sell your art. An invitation-only artist network, with gallery and shop! Interested? Read on! is all about supporting you and your artist friends to bring your art to the market. With an online platform friendmade offers you your own gallery and shop page and the possibility to get connected to other artists or even invite your own artist friends. The more friends you make, the more you get connected within friendmade and the more products you can sell. By working with a friend-to-friend invitation system and thereby having artists do the curating, friendmade ensures a consistent high level of quality and creativity.

Being connected to multiple manufacturing partners, friendmade offers many production possibilities to (re-)produce your art. From a delicate print on dibond or fine art paper, to a noise-reducing or light-emitting piece of art.

Friendmade offers artists a fair 50% of each sale’s netto gain. All friendmade asks from you is to upload your art and promote it through your own (social) media channels. You thereby help ús sell your art, and your friends sell théir art. Of course, Friendmade will do the necessary sales and marketing as well, selling your art to both consumers and businesses.

Sounds good? Send us an email for more information or to get a tester’s login account. Hope to see you soon at

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