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Stijn van der Pol
An der Elisabethkirche 6
DE-53113 Bonn
tel: +49 160 95084897
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concert app V2.0

Together with a small team of
multi-media creatives, we created
Tinmendo®; a live stage remote
control app for Amsterdam based
jazz combo Tin Men & The Telephone.
The app lets concert visitors interact
with the jazz combo live on stage.
When TM&TT is not in concert,
the app lets users create and upload
beats, melodies and harmonies
and offers tour dates and videos.

saf~ (Concept, Design, UI),
in coöperation with
Tony Roe (Concept & Sound), (App development) (On stage technics)

Photography ©Sophie Conin
Click here for Tinmendo V1.0
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