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World Domination by Tin Men & The Telephone. Unleash the Fury!

For dutch Jazz-combo Tin Men & The Telephone, the year 2017 is all about World Domination. This year the progressive jazz-trio, renowned for their interactive performances, will publish 3 new albums under the title ‘World Domination’.

The trilogy will show the incredible talent of these three Amsterdam-based musicians, as they will explore a wide range of musical styles. From an intelligent musical mix of cut-and-paste sound snippets to classical jazz, drum ‘n bass, world beat and a new definition of ‘disco’.

The trilogy ‘World Domination’ is more than ‘just’ music. In the three albums Tin Men & The Telephone tell the story of a Galactic peace-force, that is visiting planet earth to cleanse it from its current populist leaders, thereby restoring the Intergalactic Equilibrium. A clear political statement from these young, progressive musicians.

The first album called ‘Furie’ will soon be available to the public. ‘Furie’ stands for ‘Federal Union for Restoring Intergalactic Balance’ and introduces the peace-force that is assigned with the task of protecting the balance in the galaxy. In this album Tin Men explores the use of spoken word sound snippets combined with various rhythms and musical styles. The album includes various ‘political guest appearances’ by f.e. Donald J. Trump, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Kim Jong-un and Marine le Pen and features guest musicians Ben van Gelder and Nelson Ogliastri.

Check out FURIE here!

( May 15 2017 )
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